How can I help my children resist the impact of academic pressure on their sense of value?

Learning is a student’s job. The learning process is also a good opportunity to develop your child’s thinking ability and willpower. There is nothing wrong with encouraging children to study hard and strive to achieve good grades. Child 抑鬱症 needs parental care!We often see that children with good academic performance are competitive, prone to depression and even suicide in case of trouble; the results of a large-scale survey show that children with poor grades are at higher risk of depression. From the perspective of self-worth, these two phenomena are not contradictory.

If a child is in a „achievement-only“ environment, he will form a belief: „Only learning well is valuable.“ Achieving good grades will become the only way for children to prove themselves. If they encounter setbacks in learning If the grades fail to meet the expectations of their parents or teachers, the children will feel that they are „useless“, not worthy of the efforts of their parents and teachers, and become the fuse of depression. Some top-notch middle school students, after being admitted to a good university, have no obvious advantage in their grades, their sense of survival value no longer exists, and they are prone to depression. Therefore, academic performance cannot be the only source of a child’s sense of value! Parents can use the following teaching methods at the same time to cultivate their children’s multi-dimensional self-worth and help their children resist the risk of depression.

Cultivate the eyes that find advantages. Consciously use the children’s strengths outside of learning to express gratitude sincerely and concretely. A sincere and kind character, the ability to coordinate interpersonal relationships, professionalism, exploration in areas of interest, etc., can all become the source of children’s values. The formation of these advantages is inseparable from the children’s hard work and perseverance. Seeing and praising them will not only make the children proud, but also let the children experience the understanding, acceptance and recognition of their parents. When children encounter failures and setbacks, we should help them discover their strengths on the premise of accepting their losses and pains, and ask them what they have learned from the setbacks and what keeps them from giving up.

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